vSight IoT Solutions

vSight platform provides real time monitoring of assets though variety of wireless networks depending on the site-specific requirements. vSight can be tailormade to meet specific needs of remote monitoring.

vSight solution consists of smart sensors, connected devices, edge computing, analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Vision/Motion technology, 2G/3G/4G/5G cellular technology and Satellite communication on one side and Mobile Applications, Web Applications on other side to disseminate the information to different stakeholders as per their needs of information.

vSight integrates vehicles, street lights, educational institutions/ campuses, industrial complexes, warehouses, district water supply networks, electrical distribution network, water/gas/electric meters, and cities into self-managed smart systems with real-time data collection though IoT enabled SMART Sensors, data analytics, suggest corrective actions and predictive behavior of the systems based on present input and past history.

vSight supports industry standard protocols in communicating with field sensors/ devices in collecting data and disseminating information to stakeholders.

ITVision360 solutions team has the experience and expertise in all technologies to provide end-to-end solutions.

  • Sensing technologies
  • Communication protocols - I2C, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, RFID, LoRaWAN, HTTPS, FTP, MQTT, IoT and IIoT
  • IoT platforms - AWS, Azure, ThingWorx.
  • Data Mining and Analytics
  • Android and iOS Mobile Applications
  • Auto and manual dashboards and reports generation
  • Meter Data Acquisition System
  • Meter Data Management System

ITVision360 expert team provides consulting and advisory services to clients understand the requirements and specific business and operational models of IoT solutions, make business decisions on Build or Buy or Subscribe type of IoT solutions based on SaaS/PaaS platforms.

vSight offers end-to-end cost-effective data driven futuristic management system where informed decisions are made to optimizing resource utilization and audits.

Water Grid Management


Complete w0ater grid is remotely monitored and managed by collecting real time data through IoT enebled sensors, Remote Terminal units. All stakeholders can monitor equitable water distribution to every customer. This solution provides real time health of the piping network and active equipment.

Smart Meters


Electical and Water meters at the consumer household level are connected by centralised Meter Data Management System through vSight IoT network. This solution enables utility companies the ability to monitor and control metered, non-metered resources and also help them in quick reaction to fix any failures in the distribution network.

Asset Management


vSight solutions help track the real time location of assets and get vehicle/equipment operational and health/diagnosis data for asset owners to manage equipment operation maintenance with ease. This solution provides predictive maintenace schedules of equipment to minimize life cycle cost of the assets.

Smart WTP


vSight solutions intergrate the Water Treatment Plants ( WTP ) with cloud servers and then provide the real time plant operational & equipment health/diagnosis information. This helps in monitoring of water quality at inlet and outlet of treatment plant. vSight solutions help stakeholders optimizes consumption of consumable and extend life of equipment.

Dam/Canal Monitoring


vSight offers real time remote monitoring of water stored in dams and reservoirs and water flow in canals, rivers and streams by integrating contact less level and flow measuring devices with cloud servers. This solution help all stakeholder have real time information and take informed decisions in providing water resources to last mile consumers and resource optimization.

Fleet Management


vSight provides real time tracking of vehicles as well as complete diagnostics data from the vehicles that are fitted with latest electronics. This solution provides the fleet operator with the real time vehicle conditions and also the quality performance of driver. This solutions help minimize life cycle cost of the fleet and increased customer retention.

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